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See what some of our members have to say.

"Not being a vegetarian, but having a strong desire to live healthier, these recipes have been a Godsend. They have given me the inspiration to cook as I know I should, but had just never learned how."

Lotte Hayles, Beijing, China

"I am a NEW vegetarian and your recipes have been a lifesaver for me. Even my husband enjoys the vegetarian meals I have been able to prepare using your recipes, and he grew up a meat and potatoes man! And your format makes meal planning and shopping so easy."

Nancy A. Kroll, Anderson, SC

"I'm the only vegetarian in my family and it was really hard for me to cook for myself at first. Your recipes have been a huge inspiration and a huge help!"

Katie Goemaat, Hockessin, DE

"What a delight to receive your recipes! I teach cooking classes in Houston and I highly recommend your wonderful service to people who are trying to learn to cook and eat vegetarian."

Shirley Wilkes-Johnson
Director of the Lone Star Vegetarian Network

"I always look forward to your weekly emails. The recipes are delicious, easy to prepare, and the additional information you send is always insightful."

Rachel Amoroso, New York, NY

"It's so great to get delicious recipes and not have to worry about changing them to make them vegetarian. You're a fantastic resource!"

Annie Klega, Gainesville, FL

"These recipes have been absolutely amazing! I'm a new vegetarian, and your recipes have taught me that vegetarian cooking can be not only fun but delicious too!"

Rebecca van Koot, Ontario, Canada

These are just a few of my friends and supporters. There are thousands more! To receive a new vegetarian recipe every week for free, click here and join our fun, online community now!

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